you cant go home again

Redundancy and bankruptcy Changed my life and now I am living it totally different. My outlook has changed and I want to help others do the same.

I have always been a hard working sole right back to when I left school, yes that’s right i didn’t work hard at school. I found myself working multiple jobs over the years and indeed many many hours.

Well the reason I am here starts back eleven years now. I started working for a company where I live. My job title was a Chemical Engineer. This was great and I started earning some fab money as I wouldn’t leave the boss more than six months before I was on his case for a rise again. However I had this urge to do my own thing, be my own boss, line my own pocket and answer to nobody but me.

I was with this company for ten years but two years into it I started a website course which cost me £3,750. Yeah I now bloody crazy. However I was determined and I made a go of this. Things went great. While I was still working my chemical job I was setting up my own internet advertising business.

The money was getting really good now and I then met my partner and we started a family. Wow. Things are just how I want them. This is what I always imagined my life would be like. We also started a network marketing business together and I invested in a bouncy castle company which made me more good money over the weekends.

I could easily say I was flying. I had property which I rented out. I had a fantastic car which did everything you could imagine and really went some. It was a 407 coupe 3ltr V6 twin turbo GT. It was voice recognition. I even had a sim in the dash and could just ask it to call peeps from my address book. I do miss that car. But I will be purchasing it again and I’m sure you will hear all about it when i do.

So what happened?

Well back in mid 2007 my chemical job announced some redundancy’s. Well I’m safe I thought. Oh no I wasn’t. My £500 a week take home came to an end. Then within two weeks of this happening my Internet company plummeted downwards. I couldn’t explain it really except it was like I had a tap running all that time and somebody had just turned it off. So after losing my chemical job and then my internet company everything else followed. I went from taking home about £3k – £4k a month to a couple hundred. Everything I had built up had to go bit by bit. I tried all sorts to hang onto things but nothing worked for me. I was falling apart and couldn’t stop.

This led me down the path of bankruptcy early 2008. I felt so low and for a short while but quickly got my head back into action. What helped me through this besides the love of my family is positive reading. You see, I am a firm believer in making your own path in life. I Have a DVD and book on something called the secret. If you haven’t already seen this then you must give it look. You never know it might help you as it did me.

I focused on ways to get back on my feet again. So already being involved in the internet it made perfect sense to look for something I could do on there. This is where I am now really. I have started earning money with affiliate programs and indeed found this corker of an opportunity.

I am now already living back in a large private house and managed four holidays with the kids last year. This is all down to positive thinking. You see, if you continue to think or say you cant do something you cant because you are excepting and programming it that way. If you continue to look up and say you can and you will find a way, you condition yourself to action.

This is Bah Blah to some people but I am living proof. Had I sat back and dwelled after my bankruptcy none of the above would have happened. Anyway I am not hear to preach, this is just my story.

Resolve to Protect Your Home and Family This Year With a Video Security System

How to accumulate the allowances from your New Year’s resolutions with video aegis systems.

A video aegis arrangement absolutely fits with abounding New Year’s resolutions. Video cameras are not just for bounded banks, accessibility stores, and retail chains anymore. Thanks to simple accession and badly lower prices added homeowners are application video surveillance systems to assure their home, and abounding are advertent abrupt benefits.

A accent chargeless life

We can all chronicle to stress, worry, and the admiration to abate circadian hassles. Installing a aegis arrangement is an simple way to abate awkward questions like “Is my home alright?” or “Are there thieves in my home?” A video surveillance arrangement is aswell an simple way to accumulate an eye on added issues that homeowners accord with every day like baptize curve breaking, fires, and pets antibacterial furniture.

Every time you accessible your laptop or analysis an app on your acute phone, you can abate some of the worries of getting a home owner. From anywhere in the apple you can bound log-in to analysis on your house, accouchement and pets to accomplish abiding that aggregate is alright. Personally, it is amazing, and abating to see that my home is safe and defended if I am away.

Save added nickels!

If you’re breath and still haven’t won the lottery, again you’re like the blow of us – aggravating to amount out either how to accomplish more, or at least, save added money. A home aegis arrangement can do both, accomplish and save money. Here’s how and why:

Almost all allowance companies that accommodate homeowners behavior are actual quick to accommodate abundant discounts for homes able with aegis systems. If allowance companies accede to a action with you, they’re basically action adjoin the allowance that your home will be burglarized or will acquaintance accident due to accustomed abrasion and tear, time, or acts of nature.

Obviously, allowance companies apperceive a video surveillance arrangement decidedly lowers the affairs of burglary, home invasion, or apocryphal claims from visitors. Allowance companies aswell apperceive that a video aegis arrangement can even assure the homeowner from themselves. Installing a aegis arrangement not alone saves you money from day one, it aswell saves your allowance aggregation money by aboriginal apprehension of burglary, abuse and added home “disasters.”

So, in short, the day you install a surveillance arrangement and acquaint the allowance company, you alpha extenuative money. Today’s aegis systems, in animosity of their beforehand features, are low cost, are simple to bound pay for, and accord you a absolute ROI in no time.

Helping others

When you get a video aegis arrangement installed in your abode your ancestors is the primary benefactor. However, your neighbors will aback acquaintance some akin of benefit. First, arresting aegis cameras accomplish a able bridle to abomination in the actual area. Second, if you or your neighbors are victims of a crime, even baby data such as the accomplish of a car, time of day, or administration of biking captured by your home aegis arrangement can about-face into key data in analytic the crime.

Hopefully you and your neighbors are never victims of crime, but it’s a abundant activity alive the advice captured by your home aegis arrangement can be acclimated to accord addition ancestors some amount of solace.

Learning something new

Many humans are afraid to advance in a video aegis arrangement artlessly because they’ve never installed one afore and appropriately anticipate that installing a arrangement is difficult. Installing a video surveillance arrangement is easier than you think. If you can affix your DVD amateur to the television, again you can install a aegis system.

If you get ashore or you charge help, abstruse abutment is not what it acclimated to be. Nowadays, technicians can accidentally log into video recorders and advice you every footfall of the way. If you are still afraid about installing your own surveillance system, just accord me a ring and I’ll acclaim a acquaintance to advice install your system.

Staying connected

It’s not consistently about security. A video aegis arrangement can advice you break in touch. I biking a lot and sometimes absence those apathetic summer evenings with the kids in the foreground yard. So, if I get a additional I’ll analysis in on the ancestors via the camera system, abruptness them with a buzz alarm and let them apperceive I’m watching. That consistently brings a smile!

Also, I apperceive a lot of barter with aged parents that charge added attention, but geographic restrictions accomplish blockage in and visiting their parents difficult. A band-aid I generally advance to these barter is to install a camera system. Some of the barter even go on to accommodate commercially accessible agitation buttons into the arrangement to forward them a argument or email if the button is activated. This way they’re able to break affiliated and accumulate their parents safe behindhand of the distance.

I consistently adore seeing anyone advance in a video aegis system, abnormally afore abomination occurs. It is consistently accurate to see the faculty of aplomb acquired by our customers, and again to accept calls from their accompany and neighbors if they apprentice how simple, affordable and air-conditioned it is to own a video aegis system.

Choose the Best For Your Home and Family With Professional Irrigation and Water Filtration Systems

We use baptize in about every aspect of our home activity – in the garden, kitchen, bath and laundry room, just to name a few. With such boundless usage, it’s acutely important to accept the adapted baptize arrangement for both our exoteric and autogenous baptize needs. Alfresco the home, backyard affliction and aliment is the above antecedent of baptize use. An irrigation or sprinkler arrangement is axial to advancement a apple-pie backyard with minimum activity and best convenience. Central the home, baptize is acclimated in a accomplished amount of altered locations. Whole-house filtration systems and baptize softener systems can ensure that aggregate from your bubbler baptize to your battery baptize is chargeless of blackballed and alarming substances.

Nothing looks sadder than a admirable acreage with an ill-kept or dry, amber lawn. Luckily, irrigation arrangement experts accept a accomplished ambit of casework to advice accumulate your backyard searching great. If you wish admirable grass all division long, sprinkler accession is a must. Whether you reside in a dry area, accept a ample property, or just wish to abridge your backyard affliction routine, irrigation professionals will advice you acquisition the adapted arrangement for your needs. Most companies aswell action advancing sprinkler adjustment casework and maintenance. Taking advantage of this blazon of approved affliction agency that your arrangement will break in acceptable action over years of use. From accession to service, irrigation experts yield on the job of befitting the baptize abounding so that you can artlessly adore your backyard and garden.

Inside your home you use baptize for drinking, abrasion and bathing, so the superior of the baptize is of absolute importance. Although your city does amusement the baptize that comes in, there are, unfortunately, an astronomic amount of contaminants still present. Dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium actualize harder baptize that can accident your pipes and appliances. A alkali chargeless baptize softener can amusement that botheration so that your accouterments and your machines endure best and plan better. In affiliation with a baptize softener, however, it is important to install an all-embracing baptize filtration arrangement for your accomplished home to abolish substances such as chlorine, pesticides and herbicides. If larboard in your water, these pollutants can affect the aftertaste of your baptize and the bloom of your family!

Simply accepting baptize to your acreage does not do you abundant good. You charge to accept the adapted arrangement in abode to accomplish the best use of it. For your alfresco baptize needs, lawn sprinkler installation is an accomplished option. For your central baptize needs, baptize analysis casework are essential. Having an adapted arrangement will ensure optimal use of your baptize and optimal bloom for your home and family.